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Written by joshuagurnick

As a sports fanatic I have always wanted more interaction with professional athletes. Sport fans only hear from athletes through media interviews and press conferences. In those instances we only get to hear about what interests the media. However, in recent years social media has opened up a new playing field for fans to interact with professional athletes. Fans can see everything from an athletes’ fashion trend to how they prepare for a game. 

Now, a new media platform gives fans the opportunity to hear directly from professional athletes. The Players Tribune was created by former professional baseball superstar Derek Jeter. Jeter explained that he wants to provide fans with “insight into the daily sports conversation and to publish first-person stories directly from athletes.” This is what we have all been waiting for.

Professional athletes are role models and trendsetters. Today they have the ability to influence society unlike any other generation of professional athletes. They are constantly in the spotlight on numerous media platforms. But now The Players Tribune offers an even closer glimpse into an athlete’s life by letting the athletes themselves tell you and show you. 

Recently, a 60-second video of Kobe Bryant told the story of his most recent injury. Taking us through from the moment of the injury, treatment, and the eventual diagnosis of a devastating season ending shoulder injury. 

Derek Jeter a future member of the Major League Baseball Hall-of-Fame, wrote an article about the day he had to clean out his locker at Yankee stadium after 20 seasons. He offered insight of his time spent with the Yankee organization and at that specific locker. He also was able to personally thank all of the locker room staff that was a big part of his success.

What made those stories so intriguing was that it was told directly from the superstars and it was told in a story form which is naturally desired by humans. We love stories, but we often don’t get the full story in interviews and press conferences.

Now athletes can be the journalist, the writer and the editor. They can tell their own story how they want and they can speak directly to the fans, the people that support them most. 

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  1. Wayne Gurnick says:

    Joshua, Love this story! It is great…. maybe you should contact this company and see if you can become the writing coach or “ghost writer” for the athletes…. A few typos should be corrected. Love you!

    Wayne Gurnick AIFD 818 715-9063

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  2. Joshua, I have to agree with Wayne on this one, this is a great story. How many athletes do you think will take advantage of this amazing opportunity? We all hope that it will take off in an amazing way, but is there any fear that it will either not be used much or it will only be used when a player has made a mistake and needs to defend himself? These are just questions I thought about when I read about The Players Tribute. I hope players take advantage of it, but how do we show them how important it could be?