Dodgers Feeding The Future

Written by joshuagurnick

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The Los Angeles Dodgers are instituting an organizational mentality of smart thinking. In essence, this mentality incorporates all aspects of running an efficient and successful business, but focuses on common sense thinking. The Dodgers front office has realized they need to invest more in the future by focusing healthy eating habits and nutrition in the minor league system.

In recent years, Major League Baseball (MLB) organizations have been scrutinized for the low salaries given to minor league ballplayers. The athletes are on rigorous and irregular travel  and training schedules, and combined with making only a couple thousand dollars per season, it is a struggle for them to eat healthy meals. They are often relegated to fast food because it is cheap and the only open option during late-night road trips.

For these athletes that are trying to make it to the big leagues, healthy eating can play an instrumental role in their success. That is why the Los Angeles Dodgers have decided to begin supplying their minor league teams with healthy meals before and after games. They are investing now, by providing healthy meals that will help the minor league athletes save some money, but it will also help to further develop their athletic abilities. This is a part of the Dodgers Smart Thinking mentality; it is just smart to supply healthy meals to athletes that push their bodies physically and mentally. They need healthy meals to replenish themselves after workouts and games so that they can continue to improve and eventually reach their goal of become big leaguers.

Gabe Kapler, Director of Player Development for the Dodgers is the driving force of the movement to educate their athletes on healthy eating and workout habits. Kapler is striving to prepare athletes to perform at their peak by making sure they take care of themselves physically. Providing healthy meals to the athletes will not only help them to perform better, it will help them financially and boost team and organizational morale.

Throughout various business practices, we continue to see a growing focus on employee morale and comfort within an organization. Many tech companies, such as Google and Apple, provide perks to their employees to ensure they are healthy, happy and excited to produced the highest quality of work. Perks include everything from free breakfast, dinner and lunch to yoga classes, dry cleaning and nail salons. They also often include gyms, space for naps and playing games. The companies are investing now to ensure that their employees can be in tip-top shape physically and mentally to work more and produce innovative products.

The Dodgers are trying to bring some perks to their athletes to boost their quality of work and ensure happiness and future success. There is no better way to get started than by providing healthy meals, which is the foundation to healthy living for everyone. Providing these perks makes people want to work for your organization and reduces turnover rates because they want to remain working for organizations that care about their wellbeing.

The Dodgers, by providing healthy meals to their athletes, are investing now for the future success of the athletes, team and organization as a whole, while garnering happy and loyal employees or athletes.

That is Smart Thinking.