Its All About The Process

Written by joshuagurnick

Reaching your personal or professional goals take time. You need to learn, practice, prepare and execute. In order to accomplish something there is a series of steps that must be completed. You must go through a process. 

I first noticed the mentality of “trusting the process” in professional sports. Over the course of long, grueling professional sport seasons, athletes are tested physically and mentally, especially in baseball. Ted Williams, a member of the Major League Baseball Hall-of-Fame once said, 

“Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten and be considered a good performer.”

Baseball, like many sports, is all about a process, from workouts to game-day preparation to offseason training. Everything is ingrained in a process that must be trusted and fully completed to accomplish your goals. 

More recently, however, it has become a common theme in my journalism class called Professional Excellence. Like in all aspects of life, especially in the professional world, work is completed and goals are accomplished through the use of a process.

For my class on professional excellence, I read Show Your Work! 10 Ways To Share Your Creativity And Get Discovered by Austin Kleon. The section that immediately captivated my attention was all about “Think process, not product.” Kleon stressed the importance of sharing your work with others, receiving feedback and criticism, and learning from mistakes. It is all a part of the process, not the product. If you execute the process, completing each step, then your final product will be what you want it to be. It is important to believe in the process. Nothing ever happens immediately.

Processes can be messy, but whatever your process is, believe in it, stick to it, because it will work. Everything is always a work in progress, but if you continue grinding and working through the process, then you will see results.