Say Something. But Keep It Simple.

Written by joshuagurnick

In Made To Stick Chip & Dan Heath break down what makes something memorable. In the chapter 1, the Heaths insists on keeping the message or idea simple. People get confused or lose interest when messages have too many unnecessary details. In order for a message to be understood it must be stripped down to the main point or the core idea. Aside from determining the core idea, being compact is the next most important aspect of a simple message. 

Certain aspects of public relations require similar characteristics to get a message across to the public. News releases are sent out to media outlets to give them important information. Public relations practitioners that write news releases must explain the core message about an event or issue and be compact. Headlines for news releases and articles are similar to tweets. They must be concise and the core message must be clear or else people lose interest. Leads for news releases must carry the most essential elements of a story; it needs to get to the core. 

When using social media it is crucial to be selective with your words and to share the core, the most essential information to the story. Too many details or too many words can clutter the message and confuse the readers. If you want your message to stick and be clearly understood its must be simple!